Letters Through Time is not currently looking at submissions, but since it takes time to develop the kind of letters we are interested in, this page will give you what we want in a submission packet.

The following time periods are of interest to us:

Settling of America

The American Civil War (1860-1865)

The American Revolution from the Boston Tea Party to the Signing of the Declaration.

World War II - East Coast America

World War II - West Coast America

World War II - FRENCH

World War II - GERMAN


World War II - ENGLISH

If your area of expertise is outside these times, you may still query us when we open submissions. The above areas just have priority.

As you may expect, we do not want a broad view of what's going on. Every set of letters is tied to one individual and written in first person narration. We do expect you to know the era you are writing about down to the songs, slang and outfits as well as the history.

Submission Packet Must Include:

A biography of your character which includes the age, sex, family members, past and location.

An outline of the letters which shows major experiences for the character and historical events they witness. The character must react in an age-appropriate manner. If your character is a 10-year-old girl, she may not see all the implications of an event.

Girl characters must be 10. Boy characters must be 14. Adult characters can be either sex and any age above 20.

FINALLY, you must include three completed letters written by your character to show that you can write at that level. Each letter should be three double-spaced pages in 14-pt font (Courier) and with 1.5" margins.

Submissions will open May 20, 2009 and close August 15, 2009. Early arrivals will be returned unread. The address for submissions will be posted in May.

Letters Through Time pays royalties based on the number of sets ordered. Authors are not asked to share costs.


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