Save Queen of Sheba
By Louise Moeri
Publisher: Avon Flare, 1981

Two children survive an Indian raid on their wagon and set out with few provisions to find the rest of their train.

The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800s by Marc McCutcheon, Publisher: Writers Digest Books, 1993

A very useful reference to the details of life in the 1800s. It includes slang, prices, modes of transportation, clothing, etc.

The Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Although these were post-Oregon Trail, they had very similar hardships. Located in Minnesota and Wisconsin for the most part. Frontier Living by Edwin Tunis
Publisher: The World Publishing Company, 1961

Difficult to find, but worth it. All the books by Edwin Tunis have wonderful pen-and-ink illustrations and descriptions of how things were used.


These are available for free download on Project Gutenberg ( This site is dedicated to preserving the best books of the ages for future generations. It is not limited to English books.



Books by Joseph A, Altsheler

These young adult books cover the settling of the Ohio River Valley, the French & Indian War, the settling of the West, and the Civil War. I loved the Civil War series when I was a teen.

THE GUNS OF BULL RUN is the first book in that series. A complete list of the titles and the order in which they should be read is included in the text.

The McGuffey Readers, published between 1836 and 1844. These elementary education textbooks were widely used by schools from the 1850s through 1900. Before schools received these, they used the King James Bible as their most common reading text. Later students also read from the catalogs of Montgomery Ward's and Sears Roebuck as the English and punctuation were considered quite proper.

The McGuffey Readers and the King James Bible are both available for download at Project Guttenberg.

The Jewish Manual (see recipes page) published 1846 is full of recipes and beauty tips from the 19th century.


These links have all been checked out and are family friendly. If you have other links you'd like to recommend or book titles, email me at Links must be associated with history or literature to be accepted.

Project Gutenberg (
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