A brief history...

Letters Through Time™
was created by award-winning author Ellen Anthony to entertain children who liked to get mail and enjoyed stories of the Oregon Trail. Because very few children actually wrote daily accounts of trail life and no one wrote a continuous account, she created two fictional children to write to modern children.
Lura, Jacob, and the rest of the Harding family, as far as we know, did not exist. DO NOT TELL YOUR CHILDREN THIS. One boy was upset to find out Jacob was a 50-ish woman. It lasted long enough for him to get out "That's a cheat!" His next words were "When can I get more?"
Too Young A King, published by Hard Shell Word Factory

The Manhunter, 2000 Eppie finalist

How accurate is it?

Ms. Anthony has lived most of her life within a few miles of the Oregon Trail. Over the years, she has personally visited all sites between Scotts Bluff and Fort Boise and read about the others. She's consulted numerous diaries for first hand accounts and even checked out the phases of the moon for the months the Hardings were on the trail. The prices, slang, and living conditions of the trail are accurate and, if you follow the Oregon Trail, you will find every place noted. If you traveled by wagon and across country, it will take approximately the same time to get from place to place.


Letters Through Time™ is providing letters to children in several states. It is still a one-person operation, but it is growing. Currently less than a hundred children are getting the letters so this unique gift is not likely to show up in the hands of another child in your neighborhood. It truly is a special gift for a favorite child.

Search for the Sun

2001 Eppie Award
for Best Mystery

Coming Next

The Near Future...

Letters Through Time™ is developing new letter sets for both children and adults. Due to numerous requests, the letters of John Harding (father to Jacob and Lura) and Emily Harding (their mother) will be next. These will show even more detail and, in the case of Emily, even include a few authentic recipes.

The Next Time Period....

The American Civil War (1860-1865) from the firing on Fort Sumter to Appomattox. These sets will include 52 letters. The first set will be from Capt Zachary Smith, Union Army, New York state. The first child's set will be from Mary Tilghman, Winchester, Virginia. Other sets are planned and writers are under consideration. If you would like to write for Letters Through Time™, please look at our Submissions page.

The Blood Circle

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